Domino's Pizza is Surprising Millions of Customers With Free Food

Domino's Pizza Earnings Rise As Demand For Pizza Remains Steady Amid Pandemic

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Domino's is looking to compete food delivery apps, announcing its "Surprise Frees" promotion, giving customers a chance for free food to counter apps like UberEats and DoorDash.

If you order from delivery food apps, then you are aware of the extra delivery fees which Domino's called a "disappointing surprise."

To have a chance to be one of the lucky people who get a free surprise from Domino's you'll have to order from the company's website now through November 21 for the chance at getting an added menu item at no additional cost.

The free item could be, a pizza, cheesy bread or chocolate lava cakes. Domino's said the free food will be added to one in every 14 orders, giving you a little more than a 7& chance of winning each time you order.

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