Fans Will Get See 'Jose' Through J Balvin's Collab With Miller Lite


Photo: Getty Images

J Balvin has teamed up with Miller Lite, creating limited-edition cans that feature Balvin's signature lightning bolt and neon color scheme.

The campaign is called "Es Jose Time" which will give fans a behind the scenes look at who Balvin is off stage. Fans will also have a chance to win the cans along with merch at Miller Lite will also support bodegas, corner stores and other Latinx-owned business by donating $50,000 to the Accion Opportunity Fund.

Balvin shared his thoughts on the collaboration saying, "What I really love about this company, it's J Balvin but the name of the campaign is 'It's José's time'. It's about more of that, just showing who I am, and how family is really important for me. Sharing those moments and being real and unique."

You can learn more about "Es Jose Time" with Miller Lite here.

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