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Waitress Fired After Refusing to Split $4K Tip With Co-Workers

Money in female hands

Photo: Getty Images

Ryan Brandt and another server helped out a group of over 40 people and were surprised when they were left with a $4,400 tip.

But the good dead quickly had gone wrong, when she refused to split the tip with all of her co-workers.

The shift manager told Brandt, she would be turning in the tip and taking home 20%. This would be the first time in her three years of working at the restaurant she would have to split her tips.

Grant Wise, who held the party of over 40 people even called to confirm that money would go straight to the party's server.

Once Wise learned that the two servers were asked to split the tip, he asked for the money back so he could give the two servers the money outside.

Brandt says that caused her to be fired and lose her job.

But it all worked out in the end, because Wise started a GoFund me to help her have some extra cash through the holidays and she even found a new job at a local restaurant in Arkansas.

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