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Woman Puts Baby Up For Adoption After Sperm Donor Lies About His Ethnicity

Baby and Mother Strapping in Carseat

Photo: Getty Images

This story makes me so sad for this baby!

Apparently a woman who is in her 30s and a Tokyo resident was looking to conceive with a donor after she learned her husband carried a hereditary disorder that could be passed to his offspring. So with the help of social media she decided to look for a perfect candidate to help conceive her second child.

According to Japanese media the woman thought the man was Japanese with a Kyoto University education.

Turns out the man lied and is a MARRIED Chinese man who did not attend the University he said.

So now the woman is not only suing him for $2.86 million but putting the baby up for adoption.

So awful for the man to lie, but also awful of the woman to change her mind about the baby because of his ethnicity!

Mizuho Saski, a child welfare worker in Japan referred to the woman as "shallow," for treating the baby like an object, but added it's best to leave the child with a good foster parent.

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