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A California City is Planning on Paying Transgenders $900 a Month

Crowd raising and holding rainbow gay flags during a Gay Pride. Trans flags can be seen as well in the background. The rainbow flag is one of the symbols of the LGBTQ community

Photo: Getty Images

Palm Springs, CA is planning to pay transgender and nonbinary residents up to $900 per month regardless of their earrings level.

The payments will last two years with no strings attached.

According to Fox News, Palm Springs City Council voted unanimously to pass and set aside $200,000 for this new pilot program!

Palm Springs Mayor Lisa Middleton who is a Transgender woman says:

"Transgender Americans suffer extremely high rates of under and unemployment. Transgender Americans face enormous challenges living full and authentic lives," the mayor said. "Those challenges have increased substantially in the past few years as transgender children and their families have been targeted by extremist legislators and governors."

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