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Kershaw Pulled Out After Seven Perfect Innings as Dodgers Shut Out Twins

Los Angeles Dodgers v Minnesota Twins

Photo: Getty Images

Last night Clayton Kershaw dominated the Minnesota Twins, pitching seven perfect innings!

Kershaw's mindset was to "just go fast, it was cold. I think after the game last night, how late it was and the quick turnaround, I knew everybody was grinding except me. I got a good night's sleep, so I was ready to go."

Now a lot of fans are upset because they feel Roberts should have let him pitch the entire game, but with spring training being delayed Kershaw was only built up to about 75 pitches and six innings. So after the sixth, Roberts consulted Kershaw, who made the call he wanted to pitch one more inning.

I understand why he was pulled, but Kershaw could have been the 24th perfect game in MLB history!

What are your thoughts?

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