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TikToker Shares Rules Boyfriends MUST Follow


Photo: Getty Images

A woman on TikTok is going viral after she posted 8 rules that her boyfriends MUST follow.\

She also claims, every one of her boyfriends have followed the list of rules so if someone doesn't want to follow it, there's someone that will.

Rule #1: Block anyone you had a romantic interaction with.

Rule #2: No following new women since the day they started dating. PERIOD.

Rule #3: No searching girls' names in the handlebar

Rule #4: No liking girls' photos. Like, every guy knows girls don't like this.

Rule #5: No story replying.

Rule #6: No more than one girl per scroll on your Explore page

Rule #7: If she posts more than one bikini pic in a row- unfollow.

Rule #8: No clicking on Linktree.

Do you think these are reasonable?

You can check out her TikTok here

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