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[Video] Pizza Delivery Guy Saves 5 Kids From Burning House

On Fire Flames At The Black Background

Photo: Getty Images

This is such a scary situation and a 25-year-old pizza delivery driver showed true heroism, when he ran into a burning house to save kids.

Nicholas Bostic, was driving in a neighborhood last week in Indiana a little after midnight when he saw a house on fire. There was no firetrucks or emergency vehicles on sight yet. So Nicholas ran into the house and began yelling if anyone was inside.

Although, no one yelled for help Nicholas still ran in and found 4 kids sleeping upstairs. He woke them up and got them safely out of the house. One of the kids informed him, there was still a 6-year-old inside.

So Nicholas ran back inside finally found the child crying downstairs, but because of so much smoke he ran back upstairs and jumped out of the second story window, landing on his side. The child miraculously wasn't hurt.

Nicholas, however, suffered severe smoke inhalation and, according to cops, "gravely cut his right arm." You see in the video EMTs use a tourniquet to stop the bleeding. He was flown to a hospital where he was treated.

A GoFundMe me is set up.

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