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TikToker Lets Friend Breastfeed Her Baby So She Can Have a Few Drinks

Adorable blue eyed baby looks at mom while breastfeeding

Photo: Getty Images

A woman on TikTok revealed she allowed her friend to breastfeed her baby so she could have a few drinks.

Of course some people are praising her, while others are scolding her.

One person commented, “I don’t get it, why is your friend breastfeeding your baby? You can have a drink and feed at the same time,” Grace posted a follow-up video with an explanation, which has gotten over 122,000 views.

She explained that her friend's 7-month baby was out of town for the weekend so it not only benefited her child, but her friend also.

“I let her nurse him to strengthen his immune system and also to relieve her. It is absolutely okay to drink and nurse, if you’re feeling sober enough to drive you can nurse.”

Would you allow your friend to breastfeed your child?

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