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You Can Now Pay $57k To Be Buried ALIVE and Dug Back up!

Funeral with casket carried by coffin bearer

Photo: Getty Images

I would NEVER pay to experience being buried alive, I wouldn't even do it for free! lol

But one company in Russia is charging people $57k to experience being buried alive and then be dug back up!

There are two packages for getting to attend your own final good-bye: the “online funeral,” which goes for about $15,000 and is billed as “stress therapy for fears and anxieties;” and the “full immersion” funeral, which buries customers for up to an hour. 

The “full immersion” package includes a full religious ceremony and a “mandatory revival with an all-around revived awareness of their mission” which is supposed to renew a person’s “desire to live.” 

No thanks, I'll pass lol

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