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7 Purchases That Can Actually Make You Happier

Nothing inspires happiness like love

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There's a lot of materialistic things you can buy, but does it really bring you happiness?

According to an article there's 7 things you CAN buy that does make you happier:

Birdseed- birdwatching and bird feeding became popular during the pandemic and just being outside and the hobby is inexpensive.

Charitable donations- By helping others, we help ourselves. There’s a charity for every person’s interest — animal shelters, cancer-research groups, organizations that feed the hungry or help children.

And a 2010 study reported by Utah State University found that people experienced happier moods when they gave more money away, as long as they had the choice of how much to give. Here are six tips for donating to charity in a smart way.

Houseplants- According to NBC News, studies showed indoor plants not only boost their owner's mood, but improve concentration and productivity by up to 15% while reducing stress levels.

Pets- a dog is a man's best friend.

Travel and other memorable experiences- a study showed that money spent on doing things brings more happiness than buying things.

Cleaners- No one wants to spend their time cleaning, when they could be enjoying life!

Slow cooker or Instant Pot- Not having to worry about dinner after work or not spending a lot on meal delivery can take away a lot of stress. Just throw something in the cooker and let it do the job for you!

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