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Mom Says She Deserves Christmas Off Over Her Colleagues Without Kids

Christmas shopping

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A mom is sparking a debate after she posted her situation and feeling like she deserved Christmas off over her co-worker, who doesn't have kids.

Apparently, the mom asked her colleague to withdraw her time-off request for Christmas, here's her reasoning.

“Ok I feel terrible about this, I have asked her to withdraw her request as she and her husband who have no kids normally go to her husband’s parents on Christmas Day, but they also go every week so it’s not like they never see them,” the woman writes, attempting to give grounds for why she believes her colleague should work and she should not.

She goes on to say that she is a single mom to her autistic son and his daycare is closed on Christmas.

I see both sides. But in the end I don't think she had a right to ask her co-worker to give up her time with her family.

What are your thoughts?

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