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Lifestream Blood Bank is Hours Away From Depleting

Blood transfusion

Photo: Getty Images

This is some pretty serious news, Lifestream President Dr. Rick Axelrod said, "What is extremely concerning is we do not have 'O' positive blood on our shelves for our local hospitals. We well not be able to meet the needs of local hospital patients if we don't receive more blood donations from local residents."

'O' positive blood is the most needed blood type. Platelets are also lows. So people who are 'A' negative, 'B' positive, or 'B' negative are being asked to make a donation as soon as possible.

A whole blood donation only takes about 45 minutes to complete and you can donate every eight weeks or 56 days.

The Coachella Valley has two Lifestream Blood Banks people can head in to donate to:

  • 46-660 Washington St Suite 4, La Quinta
  • 42390 Bob Hope Dr. Suite 1B, Rancho Mirage

You can make an appointment to donate at any one of these locations on the Lifestream website. 

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